If you suffer from depression or thoughts of suicide, we hope that you know that you are not alone. We hope that you will read some of these articles and take advantage of the wealth of resources that are available to you no matter what your situation might be. Talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to anyone who will listen because in speaking out about depression and suicide, we have a fighting chance to find a way to overcome. In keeping silent, too many people suffer and fall victim to the darkness of depression and suicide. As suicide survivors, we encourage you to seek help. For many of us, the hardest part of losing our loved ones to suicide and depression is the knowledge that perhaps we could have done something to help but for us it’s too late.  For you, there is still hope and a chance to shine on! Please use the resources listed below.



Saving 10,000 – Winning a War on Suicide in Japan
This extraordinary documentary explores the epidemic of suicide in Japan from all perspectives. It is a must-watch for anyone contemplating suicide, suicide survivors and those who want to understand and help save lives.


Psychiatrist: I hate suicide but also understand it
The vast majority of people who choose methods of suicide that are almost guaranteed to succeed — like a gun to the head or a plunge from a high bridge — do so because of they are losing a battle against major depression. These are the suicides that haunt and hurt worst of all, and that almost to a person are the most tragic. I hate suicide.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Going public with depression
The pain and ferocity of the bouts have never eased, but I’ve lived in my body long enough to know that while I’ll never “snap out of it,” at some point the glass will crack and I’ll be free to walk about in the world again. It happens every time, and I have developed a few tricks to remind myself of that as best I can when I’m buried deepest. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK [8255]  Visit Website
If You Are In A Crisis And Need Help Now  Visit Website
International Resources for Suicide Help
Visit Website
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Visit Website
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Visit Website
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Visit Website
American Psychiatric Association
Visit Website
SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Visit Website
Survivors of Suicide-Support Groups
Visit Website
Visit Website
Suicide- Do you need a reason to live or die? Visit Website
Please read this if you are thinking about suicide
Visit Website
National Institute for Mental Health – Get help Visit Website
Befrienders WorldwideVisit Website
Morningside Recovery – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources Visit Website
Suicide Awareness and Prevention GuideVisit Website (thanks to the students of Mrs. Gold in Colorado for the link!)